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Online Research Databases

Where can I find the passwords for the CMS online databases?

Database passwords are located on the CMS Library Schoology page under Library Information.

How can I access Power Library databases from home?

To access Power Library databases from home, enter the barcode number from your public library card. If you do not have a public library card, you can request an eCard here. Do not use your school email address.

The webpage I am trying to access for research is blocked. What can I do?

At times, the filter on the iPad may block appropriate websites. You can try to access these sites on a laptop or other device. If it is not the filter, it may be helpful to clear your browsing data. In settings, go to Safari, choose Advanced, and clear browsing data. If a teacher or librarian has linked this website, alert them of the problem.

Checking out books

How do I check out books?

Students may check out books when visiting the library with their classes. Students may also reserve a flex pass for independent reading and check out.

Does the library offer “curbside” checkout?

To reduce traffic to the library, students are encouraged to use our curbside checkout process. Search for books in Destiny and complete a hold request.  Books will be placed in envelopes for privacy and placed in a designated pickup area. Please remove your books from the envelope as envelopes will be reused.

How many books can I check out?

Students may check out up to 3 books at a time.

How do I know when my books are due?

Standard check out time is 10 school days. It is a good idea to write the due date in your planner. You will receive a Schoology message…

Can I keep my book if I need more time?

You may renew your book if no one has placed a hold on the book. You must bring the book to the library to renew.

What happens if I lose a book?

If you cannot find a book, let the library know. You cannot check out additional books until you return the book or pay for it. The library staff will generate a bill for the missing book upon request. If a book is not returned by the end of the school year, you will receive a bill.

What if I want a book that is currently checked out?

If a book is currently checked out, you can log into your Destiny account and place a hold on the book. You may want to check with the library staff to see if the book is available in another Hempfield library.

How do I check out eBooks?

CMS has many popular titles available as eBooks. You can search individual platforms, such as Sora, but it is recommended that you search the entire collection using Destiny. Choose a title and click to open the book. This will launch the platform and allow you to check out the book. Download the book for a better reading experience without the need for wifi.

How long is the checkout for an eBook?

eBooks will stay on your device for two weeks. If you finish early, please click return so the book can go to the next person in quee. Watch your due dates closely as the book will disappear from your device on the due date. You can click to renew prior to the due date if no one has the book on hold. Note- once the book is returned, the library staff cannot guarantee we can get it back for you!

Library Policies

What changes have been made due to COVID 19?

The library furniture has been arranged for 6-foot social distancing.  Students are not permitted to move furniture or chairs. Students must wear masks. Weather permitting, students may be permitted in the outside courtyard. Students are encouraged to dress for the weather. Students are encouraged to use curbside checkout for books. The library will not exceed a safe capacity of students at any time. All books go through a quarantine procedure before reshelving and check out.